The Telegraph: Without embargo, Cuba Could Be The Next Big Cruise Vacation Destination

cruceros cuba

“Cuba could be the next great cruise vacation destination,” reads an extensive article published in the British newspaper The Telegraph, in which it is noted that this possibility is currently hampered by the sanctions of the United States Government, in by virtue of the economic, commercial and financial blockade with which it has harassed the Island for almost 60 years.

The newspaper recalls that, five years ago, the policies of the then president, Barack Obama, led to an influx of travel, led by giants of that industry, such as Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and others, which raised the number of tourists arriving by cruise ship, in 2018, up to 800,000, says The Telegraph.

However, the entrance to the White House of the now former President Donald Trump intensified the policy towards the Greater Antilles, with more than 240 measures, even in times of the current COVID-19 pandemic, a situation that, despite the The presence of a new US administration in power has remained the same, and deprives these companies of docking in Cuba.

But the British newspaper affirms that, any indication of the possibility of returning to its ports, would be received with open arms by the cruise lines, whose main executives, such as the presidents of Norwegian Cruise Line, ncl Holdings, Virgin Voyages and Carnival Corporation enthusiastic supporters of the reestablishment of crossings to the island have been expressed.

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